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Historic Sites Marked by the Virginia Society

Oliver Wendell Holmes: “And I think it is a noble and pious thing to do whatever we may by written word and molded bronze and sculptured stone to keep our memories and reverence and our love alive and to hand them down to new generations all too ready to forget.”

May 19, 1951: Virginia Society and National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century marked Cappahosic House on York River at Jones Creek, Gloucester County, VA

1956: Sir Walter Raleigh Chapter (NC) marked Merchants Hope Church, Prince George County, VA

Oct 6, 1957: Richmond Virginia Chapter marked Grave of Henry Clay, the elder, Chesterfield County, VA

Oct 6, 1962: Virginia Society and Suffolk Chapter marked Broad Bay Manor built in 1640, Virginia Beach, VA

Oct 12, 1963: Governor Francis Wyatt Chapter marked site of Necostin Tribe Indian Village of Nameroughquena, Arlington, VA

Apr 14, 1965: CDXVIIC unveiled the portrait in sculpture of Pocahontas, Matoaka daughter of Chief Powhatan, at the famous Old Tower Church in Jamestown, VA.

Nov 11, 1965: Virginia Society marked Berkeley Plantation, site of first Thanksgiving on December 4, 1619, West of Charles City, VA

May 28, 1966: Suffolk Chapter marked Saint Luke’s Church, Mother Church of Warrasquyoake, now Isle of Wight County, Smithfield, VA

Oct 20 or 24, 1970: Governor Francis Wyatt Chapter and Necostin Chapter marked Little River Turnpike, one of the first toll roads, Annandale, VA

Feb 8, 1975: Virginia Society and Jamestown Chapter Old Georgetown Pike, Ancient Indian Trail, reputedly traveled by Captain John Smith, marker on grounds of the Madeira School at Greenway

Oct 18, 1975: Virginia Society, Mulberry Island: John Rolfe Highway Marker

May 2, 1976: Richmond Virginia Chapter and Peedee Chapter of SC: Highway-type Marker on the grounds of the First Baptist Church, West Point, VA, honoring Colonel John West II.

Aug 7, 1977: Richmond Virginia Chapter and John Champion Chapter, TX: Heretick Farm, grave marker for Thomas Rolfe (1615-1680) and his daughter Jane Rolfe Bolling (1655-1676), Hopewell, VA

Sep 10, 1978: Richmond Virginia Chapter and Thomas Meredith Chapter, Corsicana, TX: marked the site of Liberty Hall, home of Samuel Meredity, Sr. (1689-1762), grandson of Thomas Meredith, Sr., who obtained a land grant for the site in 1661 after coming to Virginia in 1636, North side of Chickahominy Main Swamp, Mechanicsville, VA

May 11, 1979: Suffolk Chapter marked Grave Site of Thomas Curle, Gentleman, Third Church at Pembroke Plantation, Hampton, VA

Nov 1, 1980: Virginia Society and Richmond Virginia Chapter marked The Inn at Montross, Montross, VA

Nov 8, 1982: Virginia Society and Thomas, Lord Culpeper Chapter marked site where John Lederer and Party of First White Men entered Culpeper County, August 20, 1670

Jun 8, 1984: Colonial Trails Chapter marked Mason’s Mill built on Tinker Creek c. 1800 Roanoke, VA.

Mar 30, 1985: Suffolk Chapter marked the Site of the First Westover Parish Church, Established 1625, and the Cemetery, West of Charles City, VA

Oct 5, 1985: Eastern Shore Chapter, Eastern Shore of Virginia: marked Cugley Plantation, Eastville, VA

Oct 5, 1985: Virginia Society, Jamestown Chapter and Lettice Lee Chapter marked Indian Banks, Historic Home in Richmond County, near the village of Simonson

Mar 29, 1987: Lettice Lee Chapter marked Northumberland Courthouse Square, Heathsville, VA

Spring 1987: Eastern Shore Chapter, Eastern Shore Virginia: Planted Seedlings from 400 Year Old Wye Oak Tree located near Easton, Talbot County, MD. Seedlings planted at Broadwater Academy, “Belmont” in Machipongo, VA, “Elkington” in  Eastville, VA, “Cedar Grove” in Birdsnest, VA, Gibb Home in Machipongo, VA, and “Montmorency” in Eastville, VA

Oct 17, 1987: Eastern Shore Chapter, Eastern Shore of Virginia: marked “Clifton”, Chesconessex, Accomac County, VA. The Wise Burial Ground, Chesconessex, is the site of this marking

Mar 26, 1988: Eastern Shore Chapter, Eastern Shore of Virginia: marked “Eastville Inn” in Eastville, Virginia

Sep 28, 1988: Virginia Society: marked Glen Burnie, home of Colonel James Wood, the founder of Winchester and clerk of Frederick County’s first court.

Mar 25, 1989: Eastern Shore Chapter, Eastern Shore of Virginia: marked “Burton’s Chapel” in Melfa, Virginia

May 26, 1989: The Reverend James Blair Chapter marked the site of Princess Anne Port, one of two river ports designated by Governor Nicholson for Middle Plantation when it was renamed Williamsburg and established as the second colonial capitol of Virginia.

Oct 20, 1990: Eastern Shore Chapter, Eastern Shore of Virginia: marked Hungars Plantation, home of John Custis III and where he was buried in 1713

1991: Shenandoah Chapter “The White House” a “fort” on Rt 211 in Luray, VA.

May 19, 1991: Henry Corbin Chapter marked Langhorne House, Lady Astor Birthplace, Danville, VA

Apr 21, 1991: Richmond Virginia Chapter marked Fleetwood Farm, Loudoun County, VA

Sep 9, 1992: Virginia Society: marked Cliveden, Taplow, Buckinghamshire, England

Sep 26, 1992: Necostin Chapter marked “The Enchanted Castle” Archeological Excavation, Germanna, VA

Dec 4, 1994: Eastern Shore Chapel marked Garrison’s Chapel

Apr 2, 1995: Richmond Virginia Chapter marked “Cuckoo” in Louisa County, VA

May 6, 1995: Lettice Lee Chapter marked “Hewick” in Urbanna, VA.
Built by Christopher Robinson in 1678; family owned until 2004.

Listed by Virginia Historic Landmarks and the National Registry of Historic Places

Oct 6, 1996: Virginia Colony Chapter marked Mt. Zion Old School Baptist Church, Aldie, VA

1998: Lettice Lee Chapter marked the Richmond County Courthouse, Warsaw, VA (Richmond Co.)

Oct 24, 1998: Necostin Chapter marked George Washington’s boyhood home, Ferry Farm, in Fredericksburg, VA

Apr 11, 1999: Liberty Hall Chapter marked ruins of Liberty Hall Academic, Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA

Oct 10, 1999: The Virginia Society marked historic Christ Church in Irvington, Lancaster County, VA.

2001: The Virginia Society marked the Chippokes Plantation in Surry, Virginia.  This site has been continually farmed since 1619. The Reverend James Blair Chapter hosted the English tea at the 19th century Jones-Stewart Mansion at the Chippokes Plantation State Park.

Oct 10, 2001: The John Goode Chapter marked the Boydton Presbyterian Church. 

Oct 2002: The Virginia Society dedicated a bronze  plaque in Memory of Thomas Jefferson, at Le Procope, in Paris, France.  Opened in 1686 this is the oldest literary coffee shop in the world known to have survived.  Thomas Jefferson often dined there when serving as Ambassador to France, 1784-1789.  Mrs. Evelyn Botschen, Virginia State President made the presentation to Monsieur Grandjon, owner of Le Procope.

2003: Richmond Virginia Chapter marked Scotchtown, Hanover County, VA

Apr 6, 2003: Poplar Forest. Retreat home of Thomas Jefferson. “A place of Inspiration to live a life of Curiosity and Creativity.”  Meherrin Chapter

Oct 11, 2003: Lettice Lee Chapter placed a plaque in honor of Laetitia “Lettice” Corbin Lee at the Burnt House Field Cemetery in Coles Point, VA.  CCamera.

Jan 24, 2004: Necostin, Jamestown and Governor Francis Wyatt Chapters marked Little River Turnpike at the intersection with Backlick Road in Annandale, VA. The plaque was originally placed on the First Virginia Bank Building and was relocated to the new CVS Building.

May 7, 2006: Wood’s River Chapter marked Hale-Wilkinson-Carter Home, Main Street, Hillsville, VA

May 23, 2006: House of Burgesses Chapter marked “Tetley,” built c. 1810, VA, Greek Revival home originally built by Captain William Smith, honoring Mr. and Mrs. L. Randolph Williams for their continuing preservation of “Tetley.”

May 20, 2007: George Mason I Chapter marked “Belmont,” home and studio of Gari Melcher, internationally acclaimed early 20th century painter who celebrated the lives and character of the citizens of Falmouth and Fredericksburg, VA

Nov. 2008: Lettice Lee Chapter placed a Plaque on the walkway to the museum at James Monroe House,  Westmoreland Co., VA

Nov 4, 2009: Liberty Hall Chapter marked the Kennedy-McFadden House at the Kennedy Wade Mill Loop, Raphine, VA

Oct 17, 2010: District of Columbia and Virginia Societies: Marking of “Holly Grove,” home of President General Sandra Welborn Renzy (Mrs. Bernard T. Renzy III) in Flint Hill, VA. “Holly Grove” adjoins a log cabin, built circa 1740 on a 1735 land grant from King George II.

Nov 16, 2010: The Reverend James Blair Chapter marked Hickory Neck Church, Blisland Parish, Toano, James City County, VA

May 14, 2011: Richmond Virginia Chapter marked St. Peter’s Parish Church, New Kent County, VA

May 24, 2011: House of Burgesses Chapter marked “Headquarters,” home built in 1837 by Thomas H. Brown, grandson of Benjamin and Sarah Brown, Founders of Brown’s Cove, VA, honoring the Pflug Family for their continued preservation of  “Headquarters.”

Sep 15, 2012: House of Burgesses Chapter marked Fleetwood, Jeffersonton, VA

Nov 4, 2012: Virginia State Society and Lettice Lee Chapter marked Yeocomico Church, Kinsale, VA

Apr 30, 2013:  Eastern Shore Chapter marked The Accomack Indian Nation Gingaskin Reservation, 1640 – 1813, at Indiantown  Park near Eastville, VA. 

Oct 12, 2013: Wilderness Trail Chapter marked The Tavern, Abingdon, VA

Nov 2, 2013: George Mason I Chapter marked Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Port Conway, VA

Sep 27, 2014: House of Burgesses Chapter marked Salubria Manor House, Culpepper, VA

Oct 10, 2014: The Reverend James Blair Chapter marked Shirley Plantation, Charles City, Virginia. Shirley Plantation was created from a 1613 crown grant.  The Great House was completed in 1738 as a wedding present for John Carter and Elizabeth Hill.  It is the only known intact Queen Anne forecourt in the United States today.  Descendants of the Hill and Carter families have occupied the property since 1638.

Oct 17, 2015: John Witt and Virginia Colony Chapters marked Mount Gilead House, Centreville, VA

Nov 21, 2015: Jamestown Chapter marked Chestnut Grove Baptist Church, Established 1773, Earlysville, VA

June 11, 2016:  Suffolk Chapter marked the Somerton Friends Meeting, established in 1672. Oldest active Quaker meeting in Virginia

Sep 11, 2016: Jamestown Chapter marked Trinity United Methodist Church, established 1774, Alexandria, VA

Sep 27, 2016: House of Burgesses Chapter marked Hebron Lutheran Church, erected 1740, in Madison County, VA.

2017/18: Ann Constable Lee Chapter – Rockland House and Plantation, 1817. Property still owned by original family.

2017/18: Wilderness Trail – Old Courthouse of Russell Co,. 1798-1818. Restored to original beauty, a museum open to the public.

15 April 2018: Suffolk Chapter – Glebe Episcopal Church 1642.  One of the oldest churches in the United States.

9 Aug 2018: Shenandoah Chapter with “Luray Caverns” in honor of Rebecca Graves, mother of current owners and organizing President.

June 16, 2019: Wilderness Trail Chapter marked the Old Russell County VA Court House.

August 13, 2019: Shenandoah Chapter. Luray Caverns 1878.. Historic U.S. National Landmark

October 15, 2021: Virginia State Society dedicated a highway marker in recognition of Benjamin Syms who established the first free school in the colony in 1635. This was the culmination of a three year effort by Honorary State President Faye Sobel, completing her president’s project. The marker is posted near the entrance of the NASA Langley Research Center on Commander Shepard Boulevard, Hampton, VA. CCamera

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